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Monday, February 25, 2013

VIDEO SASSOON: a new media installation by Minhae Shim

I am so excited to release the video for my new media installation, Video Sassoon. Thanks to Daniel Roth of Roshi Productions, who produced and edited the video

Artist Statement: 

Video Sassoon is a phantasmagorical meditation on media, remediation, and the editing process. Discarded strips of videotape are repurposed to create a screen through which a digital video is projected. In the video, newly severed pieces of hair float across the screen to the tune of a familiar funeral ballad that has been rendered unrecognizable by the editing process. The work uses the inescapably human material of hair to comment on the omnipresence of media and its evolution, and to connect video editing to a familiar, tactile experience. 


It was an illuminating discovery process to create this new media installation. I was able to engage in a meaningful way with the material of magnetic videotape. I explored the materiality of this once ubiquitous media form, and also learned about its historical development. I  am looking forward to installing the work in a different venue, especially taking into consideration the spacial needs and effects of the piece. 


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